If you wonder what submersible pumps do, in the following guide we explain everything about them. Remember that at Hidráulicas HMT we take care of its installation and everything else you need!


Submersible pumps: What do they do?

A submersible pump works inside the water to be pumped. Generally, they are used with the aim of pumping underground water, waste water or to drain water.

This process is usually done in basements, boats or flooded rivers. So the different submersible pump to choose depends mainly on the type of water.

Clean water is in optimal conditions, as its name indicates, but it can have impurities smaller than 5mm. In the case of waste water, they can have solids up to 25mm in size, such as sand or earth. Whereas waste water with solids in suspension can be greater than 25mm.

It is in the last case, it is when we need a pump with an impeller that breaks down the solids so that we can then drain them more easily. This impeller is located at the bottom of the pump.

Another feature of the submersible pump is that it can be turned on and off automatically by a float switch. It is also important to shut down the pump in time to avoid dry running as it could damage the pump.

Regarding its operation, at the bottom it has a suction grate to absorb water to the pump. It then passes through the pump body to the drive connection, which causes the water to be expelled through a pipe.

In this process, the pump can be fully or partially submerged. And it is that dry operation can pose a risk, which is why there is no capacity to completely dry the spaces in automatic mode. The spaces can be emptied leaving only a few drops.

Finally, submersible pumps are the easiest to use. The hose is connected to the pump and only has to be plugged into the socket for it to start working or by activating the float switch.

Do you have any doubts? At HMT we have everything you need in terms of submersible pumps in Barcelona.

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