Hydraulic pumping systems. What buildings are they suitable for?

When using hydraulic pumping systems, you may be wondering what type of buildings they are suitable for. If you have this doubt, Hidráulicas HMT Barcelona will solve it for you. What is a hydraulic pumping system for buildings? A building hydraulic pumping system is one that is used to move water through pipes in order […]

What types of centrifugal pumps are there?

When buying centrifugal pumps, from Hidráulicas HMT Barcelona we want to inform you of the different types of centrifugal pumps that are available depending on your needs. They are the following. Types of centrifugal pumps Firstly, there are the FV-SS vertical multi-cells which are characterized by being centrifugal pumps made of stainless steel material. We […]

Hydraulic pumps. What is the best well pump?

If you are wondering which the best well pump is, in the following guide we review the best options. At Hidráulicas HMT we have a team of experts and the leading solutions in terms of hydraulic pumps. Discover it The best pump for deep well in Barcelona. When talking about the best pump for a […]

Submersible pumps in Barcelona. What types of submersible pumps are there?

Have you ever wondered about the main types of submersible pumps? In the following guide we review the types, analysing their characteristics. Types of submersible in Barcelona Submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps that connect to a completely sealed electric motor, so that the motor and pump can be submersible. Normally, these pumps do not have […]

What do submersible pumps do?

If you wonder what submersible pumps do, in the following guide we explain everything about them. Remember that at Hidráulicas HMT we take care of its installation and everything else you need!   Submersible pumps: What do they do? A submersible pump works inside the water to be pumped. Generally, they are used with the […]

Pressure group in Barcelona

You are not entirely clear what a pressure group is in Barcelona and how it works? As experts, we will reveal it to you in the following guide. What is and how does a water pressure group work | All the information Firstly, a water pressure group is usually composed of one or more hydraulic […]

Barcelona deep well vertical pumps in stainless steel

At Hidráulicas HMT you can purchase the best stainless steel vertical pumps. In the following guide we talk about its characteristics, applications and advantages. Everything you need to know. All about stainless steel vertical pumps The stainless steel vertical pumps are manufactured in AISI-304/AISI-316 stainless steel. They have a design without a bearing box or […]

What is and how does a hydraulic pump work?

Have you ever wondered what a hydraulic pump is and how it works? In the following guide we will show you in detail. What is a hydraulic pump The hydraulic pump or water pump is a machine that is used to move masses of fluids, as in the case of water. It works with a […]

Repair of hydraulic pumps in Barcelona, Catalonia and the Peninsula

The repair of hydraulic pumps is a service that is completely the order of the day. And if the pump has a small problem, it could be enough to repair it, without the need to buy another one. But how to do it? We explain it to you below. Need help repairing hydraulic pumps? In […]

Diesel pump in Barcelona

Do you want to buy a diesel pump in Barcelona and are you looking for a company that distributes them? In this case, from Hidráulicas HMT we want you to know our products, uses and applications, so that you can have what you need at hand Where to buy diesel engine pumps in Barcelona When […]