Hydraulic pumps in Barcelona

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Hydraulic pumps in Barcelona

Hidráulicas HMT  is a manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, where our pumps or hydraulic systems can have different applications, such as the supply or treatment of drinking or waste water, as well as irrigation systems and industrial applications.

Water treatment systems

We design and implement handle and disinfection systems for a wide range of chemical products for industrial, food or water treatment processes. We have a wide variety of metering pumps and control equipment.

Hydraulic engineering and maintenance

We offer a wide variety of services, such as hydraulic pump repair and hydraulic engineering designs according to the requirements of each installation. We also have a test bench to test any type of hydraulic pump up to 900m3/h and 40 bar.

bombas verticales de acero inoxidable en barcelona

New product

Vertical hydraulic pump with stainless steel stages

Improved efficiency, matching the efficiency of submersible pumps.

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