Pump Repair in Barcelona

Pump Repair in Barcelona

Set up and installation of pumps

Set up and installation of hydraulic pumps in Barcelona. Machining workshop, welding, construction pipes and collectors

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Electrical panels, automation

Electrical protection and control cabinets for any hydraulic system

Hydraulic engineering and maintenance

Hydraulic engineering, water treatment systems, handle and disinfection in Barcelona

Test bench

Operation data record: flow, revolutions, ampere consumption …

Collaboration with Grundfos technical service

Direct collaboration with an official Grundfos technical service.

Machining workshop

We have been dedicated to the machining of steel parts for more than three decades. We have a CNC lathe, conventional lathe, vertical lathe, milling machine, drill and grinding machine.
We can make exclusive pieces or series of larger sizes.

Hydraulic pumps rental

Rental of submersible pumps for clean and waste water in Barcelona