Water treatment systems

Water treatment systems

Control and measurement panels

The measurement and regulation systems must be powerful and the sensors precise. In this way, liquids can be dosed accurately.


Working range up to 100 m3/h per lamp

Chlorine dioxide

Working range from 0 to 12 Kg/h

Saline Chlorination

Working range from 0 to 10 Kg/h


The range supplied is from 0 to 2Kg / h

Membrane Technology

Membrane filtration is a physical process that separates substances by membranes as a function of particle diameter.


Working range up to 150 m3/h per resin

Filtros de carbón activo de coraza de coco

Working range up to 80 m3/h per filter

Active carbon filters

Working range up to 40 m3/h per filter

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